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At Cheks Event, we specialize in planning all types of events such as weddings, birthdays (adult and children) corporate and intimate events. Our services are top-notch and pocket-friendly. We provide the best planning and decoration for your event.

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Over the years, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of executing flawless events. Ultimately, it is strong execution, not just good ideas that give you all you need on your big day. Execution is the key to consistent results, so we have built processes from our experience on executing the right actions you need for your event.
Our track record is awesome and our clients love us. There are several benefits that come with using our service, the most important one being that we are result oriented when it comes to our Clients. We orchestrate the entire guest experience from beginning to end. We oversee all logistics of the event, ensuring each moving part cohesively works together, allowing you to focus on having a memorable day, while we remain as the visionary and conductor of the event.
We are an extension of our Client’s team, available in whatever capacity they need us to be involved with their event. Seeing the joy and happiness we bring to others is a definition of a perfect day for us at Cheks Event. We create a perfect relationship with our Clients and are always ready to put in extra effort to ensure a long-lasting experience is imprinted in their memory.

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At Cheks Events, we bring visions to reality ḅy creating memories that linger for a lifetime.

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